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LC - Map of LoS by NeonBluh LC - Map of LoS by NeonBluh
Here is the map! :iconitiswrittenplz:

If it wasn't for the events that took place on its soil, the Land of Stillness would be an inhabited and boring place. Covered by fog 4 days a week, it is a dangerous and savage land where nobody bothered trying to colonize due to its weather in the past. But according to the legends, it is where Saint Joan and Balthazar both fell. Great battles, mostly fought by the heroes of old, took place in this land and many artifacts were left scattered within this region thus making it a holy land. Over time, many races and key figures took interest in the land and it is now a very important location to the world. This is where this group's events will take place.

The Land is vast and travelling from Manauia to God's Reach is a full day on horse back. Travelling unprepared is folly hence why camping is an very common activity for travelers despite being extremely dangerous. Smaller towns(composed of just a few houses) and minor settlements are not marked on the map but many maybe be created for RP purposes and altered however the RPer desire. Major cities and villages indicated on the map may not be altered by player actions though as they will be important later for events and story development.

Here is a small description of each locations.

Major Locations

0: The Great Fissure - The most prominent trait of the Land of Stillness. This large crack in the ground was made in the final battle of the heroes of old. Without them, it would have been longer or worst... Would have may be separated all lands of the world in two if it wasn't for the sacrifice of Al'Akir and Kruuga. Nobody knows for sure who did it but rumors say it was either Sturm or Solace Deloomlane during their final confrontation.

1: Manahuia - The main city of the Dragon Worshipers. This is where their pyramid and the statue of the Al'Akir are located. It is also the residence of Itzel Chimalli and the dragon shaman. It is a neutral city but some factions might be welcomed with claws instead of open arms. Their main trade within the city is meat, crops and fish as they have a lot of resources around their city. The plaza of the city is often the location of plays and various activities and an arena houses many competitions.

2: God's Reach - The capital city of the Devil's Descendants. The city is inhabited by mostly demons but some other strange creatures manage to make a living there... Willingly or not. All factions are welcome within its walls but the Elder's authority is supreme there, even for outlanders. A giant tower stands in the middle of the city and acts as Ashira's residence, administration building and market hub. The Golden Bazaar is also located in the city and acts as one of the most active merchant hubs of the land, probably on par with the Bazaar of the Keep. Finally, the statue of Kruuga stands tall and proud at the entrance of the city where the Great Fissure stops, the earth clearly held by the stone demon.

3: Bastion of the Jaw - The highest tower of the Land of Stillness. On a clear day, almost the whole land is visible from its peak. The castle, located in the mountains and acts as the only gate to the land is the headquarters of the Radiant Knights and is a highly protected location. Most of the time, only humans, elves and dwarves are allowed to enter. It is also said that under the Bastion are tunnels leading in the mountains south east but apparently, most are quarantined or infested with savage and dangerous creatures. In term of appearance, the keep seems to have been heavily damaged by a large beast and explosions. Despite the obvious damage, the keep still stands strong.

4: Bazaar of the Keep - Another popular location for monsters. This location is surrounded by tents and all sorts of shops exclusive for monsters. Rare are the humans who venture there unless they offer interesting services and wares. All shops surround the ruins of an old keep protected by a powerful minotaur. Within its wall is located one of the most popular doors leading to the Sanctuary. Also, many devils value this location as important since not many monsters dare not set foot in the neutral city of God's Reach for... many reasons.

5: The Ashen Forest - The most dense forest of the land, covered by fog most of the time. It is a prime location for hunting and is mostly cleansed from Wraithwalkers by the Radiant Knights who established several settlement within the forest. Many savage beasts still lurks within though. Also, many seem to lose themselves in the thick fog at times hence why it is advised to travel on a clear day.

6: The Graveyard of Mountains - Undeniably the hardest terrain to navigate through. This location seems to have been the target of many magical attacks and earthquakes thus explaining the current condition of the mountains. Ravines, rubble, destroyed mountains and dangerous terrain makes this location unlivable. It is rumored to be where Drakenford's legendary flying fortress fell when Louiva was killed at the Bastion of the Jaw near the end of the War of Towers and thus probably acts as Xaphan's headquarter in LoS.

7: The Giant's Forest - It is unknown how or why but nature in this location seems to have received a surge of uncontrollable energy. This lead to the growth of big ass trees and dangerous living plants. Travelling through this forest is considered impossible unless in the presence of a druid as nature itself seemingly attacks anything that moves other than beasts. Roads were created to allow passage to the northern human city of Maere but other than that, nothing else is worth the danger it represents to travel through this dangerous forest.

8: Forest of Crooked Trees - A location rarely visited due to location 7. This forest's flora looks strange and distorted with plants never seen before in the world of Light as well as crooked trees. It is unsure what caused such a strange mutation but nobody dares travel this far within this forest other than by boat and even then... underwater plants seems to have an interest in attacking everything that floats by. It is recorded in just a few books that an almost alien flora can be see from the air but nobody ever dared approach the inner forest.

9: Valley of the Three Fangs - Three fang shaped mountains are visible in this valley and were named ''The Three Fangs'' for that very reason. The valley is a heavily forested location and home of a hidden village of druids. Nobody really knows why they established themselves in there but nobody ever really bothered them thus proving their choice was a good one. From afar, some say it is one of the most impressive sight within the land of the silent gods.

10: The Forgotten Sea - Do not mistake this extremely large mass of water to be an ocean for it is not one. The Forgotten Sea is an extremely big lake that does not link to any ocean since it is located right in the middle of the continent. This lake bears this name since most forget it is there since it is hidden behind the western chain of mountains. The location is mainly used by the dragon worshipers for fishing... There are also legends regarding that location...

Minor locations

11: Xipilli - A small fishing village mostly inhabited by dragon worshipers.

12: Ashrun - Another small village inhabited by dragon hunters and some farmers who plow the earth on the higher lands above the village.

13: The Imperfect - The ambitious project of a long gone Mountain Sculptor. This volcano is a beautiful mountain and to most, one of the most beautiful in the world... But it is mostly incomplete and not active like its creator wanted.

14: Gewyld - A farm village moderate in size which also a few boats and a dock for fishing. It is also one of the only town with a clinic with a renown doctor.

15: Maere - A moderate city inhabited by mostly humans. The city was built around a monastery built a long time ago which is still in use today. By who is another story though...

16: Healdan - One of Balthazar's famous towers and one that is mostly abandoned except for many strange and evil creatures inhabiting it. A small human scientific settlement is established beside the tower and many attempt to hire manpower to clear the tower of its creatures in order to search the location for artifacts and other important ''things''.

17: Ensis - A town separated in two by the river. It is mostly inhabited by demons but despite the possibility, the inhabitants do not fish but actually practice art... Strange.

18: Dolmaren - A veeeery xenophobic little town composed of multiple races. Most travelers are unwelcome despite the available beds at the inn. Could the Lord of Crags be the cause?

19: Castle of Crags - A very old and dirty castle inhabited by servants and the self-proclaimed Lord of Crags who supposedly owns the ''Crags'' which is the bunch of mountains located in the middle of the land. Nobody knows what he looks like or why he's there but nobody is allowed in his castle... Not even faction leaders. Nobody really care about him anyway.

20: Shrine of the Unamed - A very modest shrine compared to the glorious human temples. This building was built in honor of some hero of old but oddly enough, not a single statue allows to identify the hero represented there. Was it vandalized?

21 and 22: Narstead and Camborden- also known as the twin cities. These two towns look almost the same and often competition against another to see who's best. Mostly a friendly competition, their ''games'' might look a bit intense to outsiders. Games include duels to the death and a game of Trollball... What?

23: Buffin - The largest city that is not a capital. Located north of the biggest monster bazaar of the land, this bustling city offers great rooms, daily activities and good food. It also house a small temple honoring all heroes of old.

24: Onuppan - A mining city. Most people living in this modest little town works in the mine east and mine the metal which makes most weapons crafted in the Land of Stillness. It is located on the border of the dangerous forest but most miners takes a path beside the cliff which allows them to travel with ease.

25: ??? - Some people say they have seen the ruin of an old city engulfed in living flora. Nobody knows for sure what it is but nobody wants to go there anyway... It's far too dangerous.

26: Shrine of the Wind - Located high in the mountain, this shrine is inaccessible by means other than flying. Some say it is the home of a large beast but those are only rumors.


Old map effects @ Melty-stock and Steven Patterson
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