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March 11, 2013
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Zero--00: Aleph Xanthous by NeonBluh Zero--00: Aleph Xanthous by NeonBluh
I know I should be working on my group but... but... I couldn't resist! :iconpapcryplz:

I didn't had the time to ask for an app check so I can only wish for the best from now on. Wish me luck guys!


Name : Aleph Xanthous

ID Number: 208


D.O.B : June 21th

Age : 19

Gender : Male

Height : 5'8''

Occupation : Full-time employee in a porn shop(It's not really an interest of his... He just needs a job. He looks really bored when working)

Zone : Central

Demonic Weapon : Staff of the Deceitful Sun [Magical][Light]

_Aleph uses this exceptionally long and heavy staff to manipulate reality around his opponents and stab the helpless ones with the pointy end. Using sunlight or any other light sources, Aleph will create illusions and manipulate images to daze his enemy, confuse him or completely hypnotize him. That means his powers are much stronger during day and only effective at night if the moon is visible in the sky. Other spells include the ability to generate clones of himself, invisibility and powerful flash explosions to blind his enemies. In addition, Aleph is capable of summoning orbs of concentrated light to burn his opponent but he never casts it though as it takes time to cast and it always fires in random directions, not always hitting his target. He usually uses it against immobile adversaries trapped in an hypnotic trance or if he has no other choice but to defend himself against an enemy who managed to survive all his illusions. Each types of illusion spells that Xanthous casts have a very distinct weakness and if found, will make the target immune to it.

As previously mentioned, the drawback of this weapon is its complete uselessness in darkness or against opponents hiding in the dark places. Any spells will instantly be dispelled if night falls or if a really big cloud hides the sun/moon. Also, the staff is quite heavy and therefore is impossible to wield as a weapon against an enemy in melee combat.

In battle, Xanthous' primary tactic is to turn either invisible or start the fight at a safe distance. If the creatures are within eye sight, he will align his staff with the sun and begin to manipulate what that adversary sees, stunning or incapacitating him long enough for potential allies to attack or run in case of emergency. A spell can remain active even if his enemy runs out of sight... Most of the time, that's a good sign as it might take a while for this monster to come back into battle or even better, fall to his death somewhere. The Zero is always aware of the effectiveness of his spells and also knows if his illusion was dispelled.

Normal Personality :

Calm | Dreamer | Curious | Peaceful | Friendly | Passionate | Social | Distant(in groups) | Selfless | Polite | Naive

_Aleph is a dreamer, often day dreaming while listening to music. When being talked to, he will often drifts away in a sea of thoughts as if he was living on the moon. He will often miss information if you talk to him too much about serious or boring stuff. Despite his complete lack of attention to what people say or do, he is a very kind and patient person. He enjoys a social life with friends but not in groups or with complete strangers as he always become somewhat distant when surrounded by a lot of people. He's also very rarely in a bad mood, even less if the sun shines bright in the sky which leads him to talk a lot about the pretty weather. He also enjoy listening to stories and anecdotes, often adding his own adventures to the mix.

He enjoys sharing what he knows and owns with friends as well. He prefers talking about music, cartoons and video games instead of more serious subjects that bores him. He also avoids conflicts with other is somewhat a pushover. He's not strong and hates to fight. He's a bit paranoid as well at times, wishing to avoid dark places. He also completely ignores any questions concerning his past for obvious reasons but if he is forced to reply, he will lie... Something he only do for himself and about ''that'' subject.

The young man is also a curious lad and will interact with things that interests him with said childish but almost expression-less curiosity. He will rarely joke but can still enjoy a good laugh at times so feel free to act like a tard with him, he'll probably enjoy your presence even more. He avoids serious or prideful people as well as he feels uncomfortable around them.

Zero Personality :

Neutral | Delusional | Clueless | Distant | Paranoid | Polite | Logical

_Ashamed of his appearance and weak physical resilience, Xanthous rarely teams up with other Zeros in person. He will assist them by means of ''crowd control'' spells but will never partake in a fight himself, preferring to keep a safe distance or hiding behind his spells as he his extremely weak. He will only allow those he trust near his true form as he's extremely paranoid of being betrayed or attacked by monsters. It might be a challenge to acquire his trust though. When forced to interact with others, he will remain mostly silent unless he has an important thing of observation to say. His speech is eloquent and refined as well. Still being the young man he is in the real world, Xanthous won't hesitate to interact with objects/people of interests a lot of curiosity but appears to be much more serious and neutral about it.

Clinging to hope thanks to ''his sun'', he will remain normal as long as his sun shines bright in the sky. If the sun disappears for too long though, he will become depress and might become cold and very asocial unlike his usual behavior. His Zero form seems to slowly drain his personality and side effects are starting to appear on his human form. Despite the darker persona, he feels more at home in the world of illusions and wishes he could remain there forever... The sun feels warmer there for some reason...

History :

_Aleph lived the life of a normal human being. He was born from two loving parents and grew up with a beautiful sister named Sunny. The first few years of his life were obviously beautiful years despite his parents' low income. He went to school with his sister like all kids their age but after only a few years both Aleph and his older sister became the target of bullying due to their race. They were rough years for the boy as the bullying became more and more vicious over the years. Their parents tried to transfer them but they couldn't leave the city or afford a private school so they could only move them from a public school to another. That made it difficult for the young Aleph to make friends but at the very least, he had the support of his older sister and through her, he found the courage to continue and be as strong as her. She was his Sun(a nickname he gave to her) as her smile brought him joy and warmth in his heart. Sadly though... Aleph was not made into a Zero for nothing.

At the age of 14, disaster struck his family. A car accident mortally wounded his dear sister and disabled his father. The boy wasn't in that accident at that time as he was too bored to follow his family in their shopping spree and too busy playing video games. She survived thanks to modern science but was permanently paralyzed, barely living thanks to machines while his father lost his job with no opportunity due to his weakened condition. Her medical fees quickly ruined Aleph's parents who were desperate to keep her alive, despite being poor. His mother's meager wage was not enough to pay for everything and his father was no longer capable of leaving the house. At the age of 15, the young man had to leave school and find work on his own to help his parents pay for everything. Of course, the boy knew that his sister, ''his sun'' would no longer shine again. They were destined to keep a dead weight upon their should forever... Until...

One day, at his work, a man was made aware of his current predicament and said to the boy that the solution in order to regain their life was to take her life away. Aleph knew he couldn't discuss the matter with his parents and doing so before actually doing the act was far too suspicious. For months, he observed his parents live in poverty and live in an illusion where their daughter was alive and well. The young man often visited his sister as well, thinking about what he should do. She was paralyzed, imprisoned in her own body forever and tortured knowing that her parents were living in misery because of her. She knew of course. She could hear Aleph talk everyday when he had to express himself in tears and questioning her about what to do. Of course, all was for naught as she could not reply.

2 years after the accident, at the age of 16, Aleph finally did the act for the greater good. Sneaking to her chamber at night, he unplugged her machine until she fell silent forever, he plugged it again quickly and ran away in tears. The event scarred him for life and in order to block out the pain, he lied to himself saying that her condition finally took her away... In less than a month, he managed to persuade himself into thinking that, completely oblivious to his murder. That is his only mental barrier he has to prevent angst from taking over his life. Nobody knew what happened but the theory was that she lost the will to live and not even the machine could prevent her slow and inevitable death.

He is now still working full time after changing jobs multiple times. He doesn't seem to have an interest in school anymore... He moved out of his parents house shortly after the murder as well, unable to face them any longer. He also knows that his absence will help them rebuild what they lost in the past 2 years.

Since then, living on his own has been rough. No more time for himself and working at all times, the poor soul pretty much lost his future career and a happy family. He had lost all hopes and interests in whatsoever and abandoned all projects and ideals. When he discovered his ability to enter ''The World'' though, it is safe to say that it easily aroused his interests despite the dangers present. Something clicked him and quickly, he became addicted to the game. Of course, his demeanor towards it differed not from everything else. He just had a particular interest in advancing and seeing if his actions would be rewarded.

Thing is... He was completely oblivious to the fact that the game was maybe there to punish him for his act. He didn't do anything to deserve it. He didn't kill his sister, her condition did... Of course. It was inevitable.


- The sun
- Music
- Walking around the city while listening to his music
- Finding new hobbies
- Going into ''The World''
- Video games


- Making efforts
- Working
- Cars/Car drivers/Cars that makes a lot of sound
- Homeless bums
- Mainstream music

Etc :

- His Zero form doesn't have legs. Imagine Ursula in Little Mermaid.
- He lives in his own apartment located in the Central district.
- He sees all kinds of people at his shop so sex talk no longer faze him.

-Aleph Xanthous' Zero form was inspired by a character created by Hidetaka Miyazaki and Masaki Takahashi named Gwyndolin.
- I used a visual reference for his human form's shoe. Drawing a converse is hard D:
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KiyokoAmaya Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting weapon and Zero form! C: Like the snakes for 'legs' and the cool helmet~ I like his last name as well-- it fits all his yellowness, aha~

Would be interested in RPing sometime~ ; 7 ;
mazuchi Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
omg :iconcannotevenplz: I love his design sdfgshdfj//////// The color compliments his design and overall sheme kasdfgsdhjf hope to meet him soon www///
NeonBluh Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you very very much!!! Yeah, like I said in another comment, it was a hard decision but the final result is simply gorgeous! I'm really proud of it!!

And yes, they can meet soon! even tonight if you see this message. I'll be in RP room 2. + v +
Dubslider Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
dang i really like the zero's design
also the colors are a nice compliment to his skin tone

(also he's really hot js, Adrian will probably meet him because she (cautiously because she doesnt want anyone to find out) looks at pornography LMAO)
NeonBluh Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot! The colors were hard to choose but when I tried yellow, it clicked instantly! I do not regret my choice! It matched everything about the character as well which was perfect!

And loooool! Who doesn't watch porn really? Everyone enters a pron shop out of curiosity! They will probably meet eventually! Either at work or some other place! We'll see! + v +
Dubslider Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah Adrian is just really easily embarassed when her perverted side is found out (because she ..does have a pretty big perverted side she just tries really hard to keep it under wraps).

But yeah we should totally RP sometime so she can stumble over her words and make a fool of herself lD
NIkly Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
I totally love him! :icondoushioplz:
NeonBluh Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
AMG! Thank you so much! I love your's a lot as well if I may add!
NIkly Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
NeonBluh Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
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